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About My e-Drive Limited

My e-Drive Ltd. was founded at the end of the year 2022. It emerged after the founder and managing director completed his Masters course in Electrical Engineering at the University of Malta. Coupled with a solid knowledge base gained through 7 years of professional work in the industrial automation and automotive industries, the requirements for starting this new venture were fulfilled. 

On the one side My e-Drive Ltd. is fully emerged in the global trend of industrial automation across all industries. Through close collaborations with international suppliers and partners, high quality products and services can be delivered to our local clients to support them efficiently in advancing their levels of automation according to international standards and safety protocols.

On the other side My e-Drive Ltd. aims at advancing the adoption of new technologies related to electromobility in the automotive sector. To this goal My e-Drive Ltd. nurtures a very close cooperation with its clients, which contributes to a better understanding of the local market demands and eventually driving a renewed push for electric vehicles starting in local communities and leading to a global impact.

The company identifies as dynamic and innovative with a transparent vision for sustainability that it wants to share with its customers and partners. 

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