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Electrical Cabinets.
Industrial Automation.

Recent trends in industrial manufacturing lines clearly show increasing levels of automation across various industries. The advantages of highly automated processes range from higher efficiencies, shorter process times and reduced amount of errors over high repeatability, accuracy and precision to reduced process cost 

My e-Drive Ltd. is providing state-of-the-art engineering services ranging from the design and manufacturing of electrical cabinets over the design and installation of complete automation systems with SCADA system architectures, IoT and SaaS solutions. 

Furthermore, My e-Drive Ltd. aims at bringing the latest technologies of the industrial automation sector to the local market and increase the quality of products and services available, by adhering to highest quality and safety standards and maintaining close relationships to its suppliers, partners and clients.


Drive Innovation.
Drive Electric.

Recent trends in the automotive industry point towards electric vehicles (EVs) as the future of transportation. Apart from the battery technology, which still faces challenges, EVs offer various advantages over conventional vehicles including high torque at low speeds, high efficiency and low maintenance, just to name a few.

My e-Drive Ltd. aims at operating at the forefront of the electrification of the automotive sector by driving a renewed push for electric vehicles starting in local communities. The company identifies as dynamic and innovative with a transparent vision for sustainability that it wants to share with its customers. 

To this goal My e-Drive Ltd. offers state-of-the-art engineering services ranging from designs of electric powertrain systems, software development for control and vehicle automation and EV conversions over research and development projects for EV technologies to knowledge transfer through custom tailored training programs and events.

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Electrical Cabinets

We design and manufacture electrical cabinets for various applications according to ISO and DIN standards.


Research and Development

Our state of the art laboratory equipment facilitates research and development of EV technologies with the aim of bringing ideas to market readiness. 


Industrial Automation

We design comprehensive Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems for complete control of every step of the automation process.



We share our knowhow with our clients through custom tailored training programs and custom tailored courses for technicians and operators.


Electric Powertrain Design

Our certified engineers design electric powertrain systems for EVs from the selection of components over system integration to commissioning.

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